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New for 2023 Exclusive Collections coming soon...  

Unique. Affordable. Stylish.

Wonky Tree Spring 2023 Collection

With a large and varied selection of handmade wonky pieces, handpicked by our team, our Spring Collection is just what you need for next season. It might not be what you initially were looking for, but we’re pretty sure you’ll be leaving with a unique selection of home goods in your cart.

Spring Branches

Wonky Tree Summer 2023 Collection

Our Summer Collection will come with a wide selection of unique products. No matter who you’re shopping for or what occasion, you’ll find endless — and perfect — choices. So start browsing early summer for this collection and get inspired.


Wonky Tree Winter 2023 Collection

Browse through our Winter Collection for unusual Christmas Gift ideas for your home, friends or family. This is one of our most popular collections and sell out very quickly, with a number of top selling items. We’re always getting in new deliveries, so you can keep your home filled with style and functionality.

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